The vision of Zemen Bank is to bring a new dynamism to the financial sector and banking business in Ethiopia. Superior customer service is a key part of this vision and we strive to make all our customers’ experience a positive and rewarding one.

Branch Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm
Saturdays: 8am to 5pm.

Zemen Bank is: Proudly Ethiopian, professional, dynamic, world - class, inspirational, and totally customer focused.

Our Values

Upholding the highest standards, being progressive, proud and innovative.

Our Personality is: To be challenging, spirited, provocative, ambitious and successful, and to be friendly and courteous in all our relationships.

To our Customers: We offer a professional partnership, trust, and outstanding levels of service.

Customer Service

To us every customer is special. We provide products and services to meet your individual financial needs. To deliver this we have 3 levels of customer service:

Personal Banking

High-tech banking using our multi-channel banking system!

Personal Banking is the level of banking services available to all Zemen Bank clients. Upon opening an account, all new customers receive a debit card and are provided with immediate access to our high-tech multi-channel banking services including ATMs, Internet Banking and Call Center Banking.

At the branch, 13 tellers minimize any waiting. All transactions are electronic and we strive to complete your visit within 5 minutes. Every customer has an ATM card and personal identification number (PIN) which will be used for transactions to ensure speed and security.

Prestige Banking
Customers who maintain a minimum monthly balance of Birr 100,000 are allocated a Personal Banking Representative. The Represenative will handle all your transactions and banking needs in private, backed by our information technology system and fully informed of your personal banking needs. You can contact your Personal Banking Representative personally by a visit to the branch or by phone.

Z Club
Z Club Offers the highest level of excellent banking service to our priority customers. To qualify you should maintain a minimum monthly balance of Birr 500,000. We allocate a specialist Personal Banking Representative, backed by a team of specialist advisers to help with all your financial needs and banking advice.

The account brings preferential rates, bank charge waivers and negotiated loans, backed by world-class technology, to make your banking easier, faster and totally informed at all times. We also offer a concierge service for minor cash transactions (over Birr 10,000) in central Addis Ababa at your home or office. As a member of the prestigious Z Club you will receive a level of personal and professional service unique in Ethiopia.

24 Hours 7 Days A Week Banking

Zemen Bank has installed the latest banking computer hardware and software. With world-class information technology (IT), we can offer our customers a totally integrated service "24-7" (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Multi – Channel Banking

Zemen Bank is the first bank in Ethiopia to offer multi-channel banking. This underpins our "one branch" strategy - you will still find banking with Zemen Bank more convenient than anything you experienced before. If you visit the bank, there is easy parking and fast electronic service, using your personal ATM card and the 13 tellers. But soon you will prefer to do your banking electronically from the convenience of your home or office, shopping centre or other location, using our world-class banking IT systems.

We offer a variety of new channels to make your banking more convenient and faster, giving you fingertip control over your money:


All customers will receive an ATM Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The ATM allows you to receive cash at your convenience . It also allows you to check your balance, make transfers and deposit cash. ATM machines will be widely available in Addis Ababa and other main centres.

Internet Banking

We offer banking over the Internet "24-7" (24 hours a day 7 days a week) You can check balances, make transactions, make transfers and carry out most of your banking needs online and in total security.

Mobile Banking

Zemen Bank offers banking services to customers through PDA and SMS (short message service) technology, using your mobile phone. This allows us to communicate with customers using both one-way and two-way PDA/ SMS messaging. Using this channel,a customer can conduct transactions checking of balances and transfer of funds. You can even view your transactions on other channels, e.g. Internet.

Phone Banking

Customers can check balances or make account enquires over the phone. You can can also access current interest rates, forex rates, make bill payments or transfer funds securely and quickly. These technologies are fully integrated and totally secure. The give our customers a variety of fast and convenient ways to transact business while on the move, without time-consuming visits to the bank. Make your money work for you, so you can get on with your business or enjoy your leisure time to the full.